Flower App

The Challenge

While caring for members of our family, we were astounded there were so few useful apps to help during the most important moments in life, such as having a baby or receiving a cancer diagnosis. We needed an app that made coordinating care with friends and family as easy as possible.

Our Solution

Dogpatch Tech raised a round of financing for Flower and built the team and the app. Flower works like a support registry where the family in need can request times to bring over meals, schedule rides to the doctor, or update everyone with video, audio, images, and text. Flower also works like a gift where friends can offer support such as when they can go grocery shopping, help clean around the house or look after a pet. Flower makes it easy to request, offer, and coordinate support.

The Result

Flower was launched in 2016 and found that its users offer help 5x more than asking for help. We have big features coming, so let us know what you want to see and how we can make Flower work for you!