About Us

Dogpatch Technology builds impactful, beautiful, empowering tools that support and inspire people throughout their lives.

Mobile App Design & Development

We can bring your product from idea to design to prototype to full featured mobile app.

Global Digital and Marketing Strategy

Need a roadmap that is in accordance to your company’s life cycle and resources? From startup to multi-national – we can provide the best roadmap for you.

Product Management & User Research

We bridge the gap between solid research methodologies, user needs, and product requirements.

Web Design, Web Apps, Architecture, & QA

You can build web tools in many different ways – we will provide you recommendations on the best tools to suit your needs and we can create them for you.

Podcast & Audio Production

Content is king! And if you want good content, get an awarding winning producer to help you create it.

International Business Development

Looking to take your product to a new country or region? We’ve run international growth and marketing initiatives for multi-million dollar products, led localization teams in six different languages, and started international offices while fostering business development around the globe. Talk to us before taking your product to the world.

How we can help

  • Mobile application design and development
  • Global digital and marketing strategy
  • User experience research
  • Game design and research
  • Grant writing
  • Usability design
  • Quality assurance
  • Web design and architecture
  • Cultural strategy
  • Global media and communications
  • International program management
  • Behavior change
  • Human-centered usability design


Since 2011, Dogpatch Technology has provided digital strategy and mobile development solutions with user research, usability, and elegant design worldwide. Between Dogpatch Tech’s team, they bring decades of experience from multimillion dollar projects around the world.

Jean Miller Truelson
Jean Miller Truelson

Co-Founder, Creative Director and CEO

Jean brings experience in global market development, intercultural communication, product development, social networking, business development, and consulted on digital strategy for international marketing, education, corporate training, and online communities. Her background includes Linden Research, EMI Music, LucasArts and Charles Schwab. She's earned a BA in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, a MS in Global Media and Communications from London School of Economics, and a MA in Global Communication from USC.

Palmer Truelson
Palmer Truelson

Co-Founder and CFO

Palmer graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Chemistry and Physics, and co-founded Windward Mark Interactive, a video game and simulation startup based in the Boston area specializing in real-time graphics simulation. Windward Mark was acquired by Linden Research Inc., the makers of Second Life. Palmer has been the production manager for An Evening with Champions, a charity event that raises money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and worked with the VNA Care Hospice Network as a hospice volunteer for many years.

Shawna Kelly
Shawna Kelly

User Experience

A former university professor in media theory and game studies, Shawna’s previous employment experience also spans biomedical research, theater stage management, software tech support, computer hardware, environmental science, and the implementation of technology in work and educational settings. She has an undergraduate degree in Communication and Linguistics from Western Washington University, and a Master and Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Southern California, Annenberg School for Communication.

Morgan Quirk
Morgan Quirk


Morgan has been developing video games, apps on mobile and the web, and generative art for over 15 years. His recent experience has been in designing and building educational games to teach K-6 math. He has an undergraduate degree in Interactive Media and Game Development from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Katja Obring
Katja Obring


Coming from a non-technical background in the theater and cooking, Katja has more than a decade experience as a tester working in agile full stack teams. From being an agile scrum master or test team lead from Linden Lab to Disney Online to Anaplan, her work includes creating test strategies to release planning for automated test cases and exploratory testing. These days she specialises in coaching full stack teams working in cloud services on testing approaches to build quality in from the start, and ensure excellent coverage with little dependency on manual regression testing - because she truly believes testing is so much more than clicking buttons.

Deanna Gray
Deanna Gray

UI Designer

With over sixteen years as a senior UI designer Deanna has organized and facilitated many user focus groups and usability tests. She has experience in designing for eCommerce, loyalty marketing, and mobile apps. She is a graduate from University of South Carolina and has a BA in Art Studio, with a concentration in graphic design.